Brave and Bold is the same thing?


Bravery isn’t only about heroic acts in unusual situations.

It’s a big risk.
You may get an advantage about being brave, but it can turn vice versa and ruin your day instead.

Be in my shoes, after quite some time I have no choice, I feel like I need to stand up for ME.
I believe that no one will fight for us if not yourself who doing it, because as we know, “This is a fact of life”.
There’s no point if I keep holding back and keep everything to myself alone. It won’t make me feel better because all things just turning gray.

Some friend told me what I’m doing is good. I try to speak up.
Some friend told me I’m brave. Really?
Some friend told me I’m doing something that so unexpectedly. Maybe..
Some friend told me I’m digging my own grave. Ermm..

It’s OK if we being rejected because of our “bravery actions”, at least we tried.
That’s the most important part of being brave rite?
Doing something without putting a soul to it, ah that sucks!
Even when you try harder to make things better, it will burdened you more.
No matter how big, how cool, how extravangce the thing you do, it will give an impact.
Sooner or later.


“and when we speak we are afraid
our words will not be heard
nor welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid
So it is better to speak
we were never meant to survive”
Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn: Poems


I’m not brave. I believe I have just reached my upper limit.
I just want to be understandable by others. To get that attention, sometimes we need to go BOLD.



Overall, bold is a good quality. It has nuances of gutsy, pro-active, and adventurous as well as morally courageous. On the other hand, it can imply forward, brazen and rash, even offensive. It really depends on the context and the particular nuance can be subtle.

Brave on the other hand is virtually always a good quality. It is pretty much synonymous with courageous.


Do you hold back saying what you think because you want to make sure that everything you say makes perfect sense? Me too!
I want to be liked, I want to be nice. I don’t want to deal with anyone being upset or offended by what I’ve said.
But I told you, it’s difficult!
With people surround me, with what I’m hearing everyday, with what happen everyday, what life experience I gain every day, I don’t think I can always say something sweet like cola.
Different people need to be dealt with in different ways. Again ,  “This is a fact of life”.

Sometimes when I want to say something bold, I stay silent because I just imagine a nameless disaster. But if I think it through and ask myself “what is the worst thing that could happen?”. Then I realize that the worst thing will happen is that person I’m speaking to might be upset for a day or for a week. Gosh! But I think I can still handle them. Sooner or later we will settle this thing right?

Actually, not able to say what I am thinking is really annoyed me so much. But when I’m not able to make people see clearly my point, is worse.
Because of this reason, I will try hard to make everything goes well. And when I’m saying “Goes Well”, it sometimes will turn hell to others. Sorry!





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