Hello Jula Juli July!

After 5 month with no update , here I am , publish something after my second try login. Fewww , I still remember my username and password for this one! I guess year by year , blogging will take sometime for me to update.

I have 3 more days to settle all sort thing before start working with new company. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that given to me by Him. Pintu rezeki masih terbuka  , my prayer have been answered. So its time for me  to use my “Bachelor Business Administration (hons) in Human Resource Manangement” cert finally. Yeay! Lets rock my HR new life. Welcome Noorainn , welcome to new stage of experience!

Bila cakap pasal tempat baru , mesti nanti akan teringat kawan-kawan kat tempat lama , our everyday must do thing, our norm , mesti akan compare everything  dan teringat-ingat semua benda. 4 years together , alot of thing i gain while serve Akzo Nobel – International Paint. Wish good memories will stay forever and be remember.


The Box , I start my acah-acah Lazada business this year. So many thing , so many item nak jual. Bukan main lagi business strategi tak nak kalah semua. Fuh! on august InsyaAllah will come out with 1 big giant baby product ,  Euphoria. Bawah The Box pun bakal ada 1 lagi baby , ˈstāSHəˌnerē . Harap semua ni dalam kawalanlah.  Banyak sangat idea tapi limited time and team member , a bit challenging for me. Tidak apa , pelan-pelan kayuh. Dimana ada kemahuan , disitu ada jalan!

Wish me luck on what ever I do for good.  Semoga hidup tak tergopoh-gopoh sotong. Semoga sentiasa ada tukang support yang kuat , team yang hebat , kesihatan yang baik untuk manage all thing. Tak tau bulan bila pula lagi dapat update entry seterusnya. Gambar trip Sabah 2017 tak update lagi ni!


Good night.


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